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School Closures

The Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE) works closely with local public schools and the Sonoma County Emergency Operations Center in the event of disasters that cause school closures. However, SCOE cannot determine whether a school district should close. Each school district independently decides whether to close, based on local conditions. SCOE receives official closure reports from superintendents only. SCOE then reports closure information to the media and posts closures on this web page. Information is posted and updated here as it is announced.

School Closure Announcements

This is an official notification from the Sonoma County Office of Education regarding school closures.

All Sonoma County Schools are open.

Other Resources

School Districts' Air Quality Guidelines

These air quality guidelines were developed by Sonoma County school districts to provide guidance for how to protect student health when air quality is poor due to a wildfire or other disaster. They are aligned with guidance provided by a coalition of state agencies in the spring of 2019. They are intended only as guidelines and each school district is free to make its own decisions based on local conditions. For more information about these guidelines and how they will be implemented at your school, please contact your school district. More information and resources are also provided on the California Department of Education website.

Public Safety Power Shutoffs

PG&E may shut off power to some or all of Sonoma County to help prevent wildfires during high wind and heat events. These power shutoffs could come at short notice and impacts schools. SCOE has been working closely with school districts to help them be prepared and have a protocol in place for a possible shutoff. Guidance provided to school districts around public safety power shutoffs is available here: Preparing for a PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff.

There is no hard and fast rule for when to close school due to a power outage. Each school/district is unique and should make the best decision to ensure student safety given their local circumstances, including but not limited to: weather, temperature, access to generators, and availability of transportation. Any school closures will be listed on this page. However, if you have questions about your school or district's protocols around a possible power outage, please contact your school directly.

Resources for families and students displaced or affected by disaster:

This web page provides information and resources for families impacted by a natural disaster.
CDE: ADA Credit during Periods of Emergency
PG&E Power Outage Center
National Weather ServiceSonoma County Water, Flood Forecast & Emergency Information
Talking with Children about Natural Disasters
Wise Winter Warnings for Schools, from RESIG (pdf)

Road Conditions

Caltrans Road Information
CHP Traffic Incident Report
County of Sonoma: Road Closures and Restrictions
San Francisco 511: Bay Area Road Conditions

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