Sonoma County Office of Education

Special Education

Non-Public Schools Program

SCOE’s Non-Public Schools Program administers special education services for students who are placed at licensed children’s homes by other governmental agencies and who require a non-public school placement, as determined by their IEPs. Other governmental agencies making these placements typically include county human services, probation departments, or regional centers. The Non-Public Schools Program does not administer or fund special education services for students who are placed in licensed children’s homes or non-public schools by their district of residence.

SCOE’s Non-Public Schools Program is operated on behalf of local school districts as specified by Sonoma County SELPA policy.

The Non-Public Schools Program works closely with SCOE’s Foster Youth Services since many of the students case-managed by this program are foster youth.

Contact Information

Sonoma County Office of Education
Non-Public Schools, Special Education
5340 Skylane Boulevard
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Chelsea Siegel, Principal

Chelsea Siegel


Questions may be directed to:

  • Sonia Perez, Special Education Technician
  • Chelsea Siegel, Principal
    (707) 524-2700,

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