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Alternative Education

Building Rigor, Relevance and Relationships in Alternative Education Classrooms

The Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE) operates alternative schools for Sonoma County students who are seriously at risk of school and/or societal failure. These schools provide small school settings for referred students who are experiencing difficulties in traditional schools, offer home and independent study alternatives, and deliver daily instruction for incarcerated youth and juvenile wards of the court. In operating these programs, SCOE strives to offer education alternatives that connect students to positive opportunities for learning.


Public Safety Power Shut-off: Click here to read a letter from SCOE regarding PG&E planned power outages and how they will affect Amarosa and Headwaters Academies.

Haga clic aquí para leer una carta de SCOE sobre una Corte del Suministro Eléctrico por Motivos de Seguridad Pública y cómo afectarán a las academias Amarosa y Headwaters.

Class of 2019 Graduates

At a graduation ceremony in May, SCOE recognized the hard-working students in SCOE Alternative Education programs who earned high school diplomas. Congratulations to these Class of 2019 graduates.

Alani Daniel Akhtab
Diana Avila Munoz
Bailey Joanne Bowen
Joahan Maldonado Nieto
Scotty Allen Mann
Andrea Negrete
Henry Palencia-Diaz
Felipe Bustamante Mendoza
Marco Covarrubias-Perez
Micah Isaiah Hawkins
Edwin Anthony Mendoza Guzman
Alaric Miller
Andrew Noah Rogers
Lizbet Ruiz-Mondragon
Jeremiah Herrera
Adrian Liscano Ramos
Kiley Madison Lucas
Luis Tony Morales Rodriguez
GED: Angel Mendoza


SCOE's Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is reviewed and approved each June. Refer to the LCAP documents tab on the left-hand side of the page to access current SCOE LCAP. To see a prior year LCAP, please contact Alternative Education Director Georgia Ioakimedes at or 707-524-2884 and provide the year of the LCAP you would like to access.

Programs & Services

Community Schools

The purpose of Community School is to retain students in the education system during periods when they are experiencing problems that put them at serious risk of dropping out. The emphasis of the program is to reestablish students’ educational direction. The goal is for students to successfully transition back to a regular school setting or another learning environment that meets their needs. For students who elect to remain in Community School, the program is designed to help them meet their educational and academic goals. Learn more about Community Schools.

Court Schools

Court Schools provide instruction for school-age children and youth residing in court-supervised programs, such as Juvenile Hall and Probation Camp.

Countywide Plan for Expelled Students

In addition to offering alternative school programs for students, the Alternative Education department coordinates the development of the Countywide Plan for Providing Educational Services to All Expelled Students in Sonoma County as required by Education Code Section 48926. The plan is updated every three years.

WASC - Fully Accredited

SCOE 2018 Plan for Expelled Students

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